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Sampson Fam Film Label is a joint company with Sampson Fam Entertainment. As of 2011 we have independently created 5 films, (Cap City, Thug, Hell-O, What Tha?! and Champion) 2 urban gangster, a horror, a comedy and a martial arts film.  


 Operate a film label that is run just like a record label.


Sampson Fam Film Label shall secure the resources needed to produce entertaining films at a fraction of the cost of the big studios.

Our Mission is to provide a venue to help the filmmaker without a budget, have the same opportunity as the filmmaker with one. Produce film festivals and start the first annual no-budget filmmakers awards.


. Produce film festivals geared towards no-budget filmmakers.

. Accept and review films from independent filmmakers

. secure all permission forms, score sheets, copy writes and any other forms           

needed by the distribution company.

. Sign filmmakers with acceptable films.

. Submit films to distributer

. Market films through television, radio and Internet  

. Produce the first annual no-budget film awards.



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